Final opening of two galleries in the National Museum of Slemani

Relics 11:21 AM - 2021-11-02

Photo Credit: Shad Ibrahim

Last Sunday, on the 24th of October, the National Museum of Slemani invited the opening of two new galleries. The Paikuli Gallery and the King Narseh Gallery. 

An Italian archeology team from the Sapienza University of Rome has been working on several projects in the Kurdistan Region since 2006. The most recent one is the discovery of the Paikuli monument in a valley on the western spurs of the central Zagros mountains, at the southernmost edge of the Qaradagh range, about 100 km south of the city of Slemani. 

The monument was built by King Narseh at the end of the 3rd century when he became the king of the Sasanian empire. 

King Narseh narrates the history of what he has done in these stone inscriptions. The writing is on one side in middle Persian and on the other side in Parthian, a language that relates closely to Kurdish. 

The Italian team, together with the Kurdish staff of the National Museum are planning to publish their results in 2022. 

After finishing the project, they will move to another archeological site in the Slemani governorate.

Reported by Julia Zimmerman

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