World Development Information Day 2021: Understanding the role of ICT tools in growth and problem-solving

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Every year, 24 October is marked as World Development Information Day. The day is aimed at creating awareness about problems related to development and improving access to information, especially among the youth.

The day also aims to mobilise public opinion and increase global cooperation efforts to promote growth and development.

Information and communications technologies (ICT), such as the internet and smartphones, have the potential to provide new solutions to developmental problems. However, the digital divide between countries at different levels of development in terms of accessing ICT tools can hamper progress in several fields such as governance and education.

The coronavirus pandemic has further highlighted the global disparity in terms of access to ICT tools.

Here’s a look at some ways countries can overcome the digital divide among them

Innovations in ICT tools:

Increasing internet access for previously marginalised groups. The use of smartphones is a great example of how the digital divide can be overcome. More advancements in the field can further increase access to ICT tools across the world.

Investment by governments:

By investing more in human capital through education and training in digital skills, governments can include a greater portion of the population in the digital arena. Governments also need to invest in making new technologies more affordable to people and increasing accessibility of ICT tools in remote areas and among marginalised groups.

Improving affordability of ICT tools:

Countries can provide subsidies and eliminate monopolies in the market for ICT tools. By encouraging affordability through policy decisions as well as increasing the infrastructure for such technologies, the digital divide can be overcome to a large extent. Countries should ensure that ICT tools are used for the benefit of their populations rather than making huge profits.

Why is World Development Information Day celebrated on 24 October

The UN marks the World Development Information Day on 24 October, the same day as the United Nations Day. On this day in 1970, the International Development Strategy for the Second Nations Development Decade was adopted by the UN. In 1972, the UN General Assembly observed the occasion for the first time to create awareness about developmental issues and the need for greater international cooperation to solve them.

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