Students launch charitable project to help patients

Variety 12:16 PM - 2021-09-04

A group of Sulaymaniyah University students launched a campaign to collect used clothes from people and sell them to provide medical services for needy patients.

Aphrodite Kamal, a medical student, told PUKmedia, "The campaign started about a year ago with a volunteer group of university students to create a website called (Buy and Donate) calling for donating used clothes.

"We wash and iron, the clothes and afterward we sell them so that we collect money to provide treatment and medicine for needy patients," she added.

Regarding the humanitarian goal and wishes, Aphrodite says, "Life requires the cooperation of everyone, especially young people who have the energy to help others."

Aphrodite started the campaign, and now they are more than ten people. 

"I hope that my project will turn into a charitable organization, in order to get a place to receive donations because now we work in a basement, but our goal is higher, we want to assist the sick and needy people who do not have money to buy medicine," She explained.

Aphrodite calls young people, saying, "The Holy Prophet said (Protect yourself from Hell-fire even with half a date) Do good, life does not wait for anyone, Be a role model for others and an example of the future. Cooperation and assistance are characteristic of humanity and the spirit of humanity. Help people with anything, no matter how little."


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