An approach, not an event, is what the PUK Forum is really about!

Opinions 03:06 PM - 2022-06-02

The PUK Forum 2022 is not only an important occasion for reviewing and reforming strategic visions and policies, but also for promoting genuine interest in the issues that the PUK must adopt at the internal and external levels through an internal democratic approach based on the interaction of leadership with the base.

On the internal level, the forum represents a positive dialogue through which the party's institutional structures are reconfigured in a more flexible manner and in accordance with the democratic and patriotic values upon which the party is founded. 

It also demonstrates to others how to deal with internal and external challenges in a democratic and responsive approach.

On the external level, the forum represents a golden opportunity to communicate with the party's bases and supporters by aligning its priorities, policies, and programs with the needs and expectations of the people, especially since the forum made it possible for the flow of information and opinions from the field through the preparatory sessions that preceded it and the committees that were formed to receive suggestions and ideas.

It is anticipated that the party and its cadres will emerge from the forum more unified and solid in organizational and political terms, and that this will be reflected in the party's performance in the region's elections to be held this year, ensuring that the PUK was and will continue to be an essential factor in the Kurdish political and populist equation.

Realistically, we must acknowledge that the post-forum phase is just as crucial as the forum itself. 

The outputs of the forum must be promptly translated into concrete actions on the ground, so that supporters of the PUK do not view the forum's results as unattainable and inapplicable ideas.

Everyone, from the party's leadership to its base, must contribute to developing the Forum's findings into realistic and applicable policies within a transparent reform framework for all. And for the forum to transition from an important event to a permanent strategy based on ongoing reform and development, which will boost the PUK's image as an expression of the people's will. 

Suhad Talabany

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