Assassination of Germyani is work of mafia: Barham Salih

Kurdistan 04:54 PM - 2013-12-07

Assassination of Germyani is work of mafia: Barham Salih

The assassination of Journalist Kawa Germyani has brought many explanations, followed by statements from officials and government department condemning the assassination. On this occasion, Dr. Barham Salih, Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) released a statement condemning the assassination of Germyani.
Barham Salih states: “The murder of Kawa Germyani is sign of danger on the freedom of speech in Kurdistan Region.” He also adds that this crime is conducted by mafias and that security related parties should do their best to unveil the murderer and bring him to law.
Dr. Barham also notes that this terrorist act and a number of other acts has created a mood of fear and insecurity among people, so we have to ensure people of their safety and bring all criminals involved in these acts to law; the first step is to find murderers of Kawa Germyani and give people answers regarding the assassination.

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