PUK Political Bureau condemns assassination of Kawa Germyani

P.U.K 02:04 PM - 2013-12-06


Regarding the assassination of Journalist Kawa Germyani, the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) releases a statement condemning the assassination of Germyani.
Hakm Qadr Hama Jan, Administrator of PUK Political Bureau, tells in a statement that the Political Bureau of PUK feels sorry to hear the news of the assassination of the journalist Kawa Germyani, who was assassinated by anonymous, armed men yesterday night in Kalar. 

Hakm Qadr also demands the Kurdistan Region Government to do their best to find the criminals and fetch them into the court, and to inhibit the happening of such events in the future.
Kawa Germyani was assassinated by anonymous, armed men last night, in front of his house in Kalar.

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