Opening new public library in Tawela-​​Halabja

Photo Gallery 12:33 PM - 2021-11-26

The Minister of Culture of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Muhammad Saeed, opened a public library in the Tawela town of Halabja governorate on Friday, in the presence of several government and party officials and readers.

Nukhsha Nasih, mayor of Halabja, said in an interview with PUKmedia, that the public library was opened in the Twela town in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Youth Muhammad Saeed, noting that the project was opened under the slogan 'Tawela Beauty Center of Life', a cultural project aimed at serving the people of the region.

The mayor of Halabja expressed her hope that the Halabja administration will always be able to support such projects and other cultural and heritage projects.


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