Darbaz Kosrat Rasul, French CG: A Radical Solution is Needed to the Challenges

Kurdistan 10:21 PM - 2023-11-08
Head of Relations Bureau meets French Consul General PUKMEDIA

Head of Relations Bureau meets French Consul General


Darbaz Kosrat Rasul, Head of the Relations Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, emphasizes that all political forces and parties should work to find a common solution to the issues at hand and that the interests of the Kurdish people should come first.

Today, Wednesday, Darbaz Kosrat Rasul welcomed Rudolph Richard, the Acting Consul General of France.

The two sides addressed the most recent developments in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the surrounding area, and agreed that a radical solution to the problems should be sought and settled at the table of dialogue and understanding.

Mr. Darbaz also expressed gratitude to France and all supportive and allied countries for their ongoing backing of the Kurdistan citizens at a different part of the meeting.


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