PUK and Dutch Labour Party agree on future work program

P.U.K 11:31 AM - 2023-02-03
 PUK delegation in the middle Foreign Relations Board

PUK delegation in the middle


The Dutch Labour Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) delegation reached an agreement on their future cooperative work program.

The PUK delegation met with the leadership and project manager of the Max Van Der Stoel Institute of the Dutch Labour Party at the Political Bureau of the Labour Party in The Hague. The PUK delegation was made up of Sarkawt Mohammed Ghafur, Head of the Foreign Relations Board, and Bakhtyar Bakir, PUK Representative in the Netherlands.

The two sides came to an understanding that shared objectives as two left and democratic forces would serve as the foundation for upcoming projects and initiatives, drawing on the Social Democrats' extensive experience in the Netherlands and throughout Europe while also taking into account the unique circumstances of the Middle East, as well as the political and social environment and structure of Iraq and the surrounding area.

Following the meeting, the PUK delegation was invited as a special guest to a conference on changes and developments in the Middle East that was put on by the Left and Social Democratic blocs of the European Parliament and the Max Van Der Stoel Institute. The conference was attended by a number of legislators, journalists, and politicians.

The Max Van Der Stoel Institute and the PUK signed a cooperation agreement in Sulaymaniyah last year, which is relevant to the setting.

The PUK delegation also went to the Dutch Parliament to greet and congratulate newly elected Kurdish MP Hawre Rahim. 


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