Terrorist gets captured by CTG in Garmian

Kurdistan 09:08 PM - 2023-01-23
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An Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist was captured in the Garmian region of the Kurdistan Region, the Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) announced on Monday, January 23, 2023.

The CTG reported that its personnel captured an ISIS terrorist called (A.S.A) in the Garmian region who was born in 1986. According to his confession, he joined ISIS in 2020 and took part in a number of terrorist activities in the Hamrin Mountains.

Large tracts of land in Iraq were taken over by ISIS terrorists in the summer of 2014. Despite the terrorist group's defeat in 2017, there are still remnants operating in Iraq. Security personnel frequently engage in operations to neutralize any threat and hazard posed by terrorists.


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