University students break odds and open their Korean food booth in Slemani

Variety 04:22 PM - 2022-06-21

To secure their livelihood, four university students decided to start their own business and open a Korean food booth on Salim Street in Slemani.

The head chef Mohamad, who came up with the idea, told PUKmedia, "a few months ago, I discussed the project with my fellow students who in turn welcomed the idea because our goal is the same, which is to secure money to rely on ourselves until we graduate."

"We began the project two months ago and it immediately started to succeed... customers came from everywhere and our success became our support which prompt us to turn our idea into a future goal and perhaps open a large restaurant that can accommodate more customers and maybe attract more students to participate with us so that the project becomes a goal for others as well," he added.

The small group of staff includes 3 female students and one male student who started from scratch with a mobile restaurant on Slemani's famous Salim Street, the area which locals call 'Saholaka' which is a crowded place famous for the most exquisite street foods in the city. 

"The people, our friends gave us moral support and encouraged us to continue working more and more," Mohamad said.

The four entrepreneurs begin working during the evening hours after they finish university and work until midnight. 

"The work is indeed tiring, but our goal is great, which is what makes us stronger," Mohamad said.

"My message to the youth is, achieve your dreams and goals and don't look back, or wait on anyone to help you... start where you can and you will grow day by day until you reach the top," he added.

Another staff member, Rana, said: "I feel happy with the support of my fellow students. I see my success with them. I won't hide from you, work is not easy, especially since I am a university student... Some people look down on me and sometimes I feel embarrassed, but my goal is greater than their looks, and my success at university and my goal to achieve myself makes me breathe more and run farther to get to what I want.”

Reported by Adnan Jaff

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