Peshmerga Minister affirms the need for a modern unified force

Kurdistan 01:14 PM - 2022-05-26

Peshmerga Minister Shorsh Ismail stressed the need to expedite the steps to form a unified force.

Ismail said during his speech at the 27th graduation ceremony of Zakho Military College, "We have agreed with the Ministry of Defense to provide the Kurds and Peshmerga quotas in military colleges and institutions, and from now on, more attention will be given to those military and academic experts."

Minister Ismail indicated that wastage of funds in the financial units of the Peshmerga was seized, and billions of dinars were returned to the government treasury, pointing out that a “committee was formed to work on military discipline and the retirement of a large number of officers.” 

He revealed that the ministry asked the Council of Ministers to open the door for recruitment.

The minister stressed the need to speed up the steps to form a unified force, noting, "Without a modern unified force, the Peshmerga cannot speak about a unified entity in the region, neither at the present nor in the future."




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