The sixth International Dabran Platform Conference launched in Slemani

Kurdistan 11:19 AM - 2021-11-27

Photographer: Shad Ibrahim

The sixth International Dabran Platform Conference has launched, under the slogan of religion for individuals and democracy for all, in Slemani.

A number of government and party officials attended the conference, which will continue for two days, and the conference will contain several meetings and panels.

Dilshad Mustafa, director of the Dabran platform, told PUKmedia, "Many professors will participate in the panels about coexistence."

Mustafa stressed, "We want to speak more about coexistence at this conference because the Kurdistan Region, especially Slemani, holds many different religions," adding, "We want to put more efforts in this conference to improve lives together."



PUKmedia / Jamal Sargaty

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