Strengthening bilateral relations between Slemani and France's Nantes

Kurdistan 10:26 PM - 2021-11-24

As part of her official visit to France, Layla Muhammad Omar, the deputy governor of Slemani, was received by the first deputy governor of Nantes, Bassem Asseh.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed cooperation and joint coordination between Slemani and Nantes, and Omar presented a set of documented information about the population and history of Slemani to the First Deputy Governor of Nantes and asked the implementation of several projects to twin Slemani and Nantes.

For his part, Asseh greeted the guest delegation and gave an overview of Nantes, stressing that there are many common points between the governorates of Nantes and Slemani and that he supports the twinning project.

He indicated that the next meeting should be on a larger and broader level with the participation of the head of the government team in Slemani, the mayor of Slemani, the president of the University of Slemani, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and several general managers, and inviting them to Nantes to meet with officials of the city to discuss the twinning project of the two governorates.

After the meeting, the Deputy Governor of Slemani sent an official invitation to the Governor and Deputy Governor of the French city of Nantes to visit Slemani and learn closely about the picturesque nature, culture, civilization, and history of the Slemani governorate.


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