Health Ministry: Covid dangers exist, we aim to achieve community immunity

Health 01:04 PM - 2021-11-22

Iraq's Ministry of Health renewed warning against entering a fourth wave of Covid epidemic in the country while confirming its efforts to reach all age groups with vaccines.

"Despite the receding of the third pandemic wave, the danger of entering a new wave in the country still exists," The ministry's spokesman, Saif Al-Badr, said in a press statement on Monday.

"The Ministry continues to increase the hospital beds and special institutions to treat Covid patients and prepare for entering into a new wave," he added, stressing that the Ministry of Health continues to provide vaccines and equip all health departments in Baghdad, the provinces, and the Kurdistan Region.

Covid cases have recently decreased in the country. However, the health authorities continue to warn against hike in cases and call on citizens to abide by health measures by getting vaccinated and wearing masks.

Biological expert Dr. Haider Moataz Mohi told PUKmedia that the country has not yet entered the fourth wave of the Covid pandemic.

"We lack full adherence to the instructions and preventive measures which reduce infections rates by 50% along with vaccination with one dose of the vaccines," he said.

Iraq has so far recorded over 2 million Covid cases while the recovery cases also exceeded 2 million with more than 23,600 death cases.

Meanwhile, the total number of vaccinated people reached over 6.9 million.


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