Slemani: Kids perform raining rituals

Variety 04:07 PM - 2021-10-26

Kids performing raining rituals (PUKmedia / Shad Ibrahim)

The children of sheikhan neighborhood of Slemani have performed the traditional raining rituals called 'Buka ba Barana'.

The tradition was performed last year in all the cities of the Kurdistan Region hoping for rain to fall.

The Kurdistan Region has witnessed severe drought during the last winter and spring, where groundwater and dams water levels have significantly dropped.

Many observers believe that the current drought is caused by the Kurdistan Region's neighboring countries, where they block the rivers that enter the region by dams.

In addition, the Kurdistan Region has witnessed a relatively low rain and snowfall during the past winter and spring in compression with the previous years, which has raised concerns for many, especially farmers who greatly rely on water for agriculture.

Reported by Jamal Sargati

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