Hawrami Chef uses walnuts, green beans in Kebab recipe

Variety 01:38 PM - 2021-08-31

Hawraman is known for its moderate atmosphere, especially in the late summer, when tourists from all Iraqi governorates visit these areas to enjoy the picturesque scenery and the delicious food.

To encourage tourism in the Biara district of Sulaymaniyah governorate, one of the restaurant owners made grilled kebab with walnut and green bean flavor to make its food unique and encourage the arrival of tourists to enjoy a delicious meal.

Chef Saman told PUKmedia, "I mixed walnuts and green beans with kebab meat and found that its taste became more delicious with a distinct flavor, so I thought that with this recipe, my restaurant would be different from others and it will increase my customers, especially Arab tourists who love experiencing new things."

"I began to use this new recipe, and my restaurant became famous in the cities of the Kurdistan region and all governorates of Iraq, now people seek to taste kebabs with walnuts and green beans,” he added.

One of the customers, Nawzad Karim, told PUKmedia: "I came from Diyala Governorate with my family for tourism to spend a great time in this place."


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