Darwesh Afan's tea house in Byara divides Iraq-Iran border

Variety 01:22 PM - 2021-08-15

In the town of Byara in Hawraman, 27 km east of Halabja, on the Iraqi-Iranian border, Darwish Afan has recently opened a small tea house but hosts large numbers of tourists every day.

What makes the tea house special is that it has a stream that separates the Iraq-Iran border.

Tourists visit the tea house to enjoy nature and also drink exquisite tea prepared by Darwish Afan. People from other parts of Kurdistan, as well as southern Iraq, visit the area.

Darwish Afan told PUKmedia that he opened the tea house on the second day of the last month of Ramadan. 

"Iranian people visit me to have some tea as my shop is located on the border with Iran... They pay me Iranian money... so I take Iranian money from Iranians and Iraqi money from Iraqis," Afan said.

Afan enjoys all the attention he gets from visitors as they are stunned by his looks with his long white beard, the turban on his head, and the dagger placed on his waist.

"On Fridays, many tourists visit me, take pictures with me, and drink tea... their love makes me do my job with more sincerity," Afan said.

Hawraman region is divided into two parts, one on the Iraqi side and one on the Iranian side. It is a famous tourist destination in the Kurdistan Region as it is a border area with mesmerizing views and splendorous nature. 

Reported by Jamal Sargati, Edited by Hiran

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