Can you donate blood after getting coronavirus vaccine?

Variety 08:44 PM - 2021-07-24


A biological researcher explained on Saturday how a person can donate blood after receiving one of the coronavirus vaccines.


Dr. Haider Moataz Mohi, an expert and biological researcher in environmental viruses, said in an exclusive statement to PUKmedia, that a person who has been vaccinated with one of the doses of coronavirus vaccines can donate blood, provided that 21 days must pass over receiving the first or second dose of the vaccine before blood donation.


Regarding difference in the vaccines taken by both the donor and the receiver, Dr. Mohi explained that there is no effect on the person receiving blood even if the vaccines differ.


The Kurdistan Region has authorized the use of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Sinopharm vaccines and over 160,000 people have received the coronavirus vaccines in the Region.





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