Kurdistan Parliament approves sending Peshmerga forces to Kobani

Iraq's Kurdish regional parliament will hold a session on Wednesday to vote on deploying peshmerga security forces to aid Syrian Kurds battling jihadists from the Islamic State group, a senior lawmaker said.
The planned vote raises the possibility...

Communist Party praised the role of President Mam Jalal

President Mam Jalal received on Wednesday, October 22th, a delegation from Iraqi Communist Party headed by Hamid Majid Moussa.
During the meeting, which was attended by Adel Murad, General Secretary of the Central Council of the PUK, Iraqi Communi...

Defense Minister in Kobanî: ISIL used internationally prohibited weapons

The Minister of Defense in the province of Kobanî Esmat Sheikh Hassan told PUKmedia that the so called the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant used chemical weapons yesterday against the People’s Protection Units.
An explosion occurre...


Kurdish Syrian Parties Sign Agreement

Diyako Murad
After a week of meetings and negotiations between Kurdish political parties of Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) in Iraqi Kurdistan, the parties has sign an agreement on how to rule Syrian Kurdistan.
BasNews has learned that the agreem...


Jury Finds Blackwater Guards Guilty of Iraq Shootings

Four Former Security Guards Had Claimed Self-Defense in Shootings of 14 Iraqis in 2007
By Andrew Grossman
WASHINGTON—A federal jury Wednesday convicted four former Blackwater USA private security guards in the shooting deaths of 14 Iraq...


Blast outside Cairo University wounds ten

A bomb has exploded outside the gates of Cairo University, wounding ten people including policemen stationed outside the campus to quell student protests that have become customary in the politically unstable country.

Police cordoned off th...


Will the Formation of the New Government help to solve the issues between Baghdad and Erbil?

Don’t Know


Kurds Leave Life In Europe To Fight ISIS

by Alice Fordham
The men of the Betwata tribe gather to drink tea every morning in Irbil, Iraq, in an outdoor courtyard with curving pillars and climbing plants.
In northern Iraq, almost ...

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Iraq's Sole Yazidi Lawmaker Says 25,000 Girls Abducted By IS To Be Raped, Sold

By Freshta Jalalzai and Luke Johnson

Iraq's only ethnic Yazidi member of parliament says that the human rights situation in her country is "deteriorating," with Islamic State (IS) ...

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Islamic State: The US volunteers who fight with Syria's Kurds

Jim Muir By Jim Muir BBC News, north-east Syria
Mingling with a group of fighters from the Syrian Kurdish YPG near the front line with Islamic State (IS) in north-east Syria, the one they call...

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