Iraqi PM says ISIL poses threat to Islam

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi said on Saturday that the ideology of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is an existential threat to Islam.
Addressing a conference of secretaries general of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and...

International coalition bombs ISIL strategic hideouts south of Nineveh

The international coalition launched attacks on 3 strategic hideouts that belong to the so called the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant south of Nineveh.
In this regard, Rashad Galali Head of the PUK Organizations Centre in Makhmor told PUKmedi...

President Fuad Masum: Daesh to be eradicated from Iraq within the year

Iraqi President Fuad Masum said on Saturday that his country had hopes to eradicate the militant group Daesh within a year.
Addressing the 26th Arab summit in the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, Masum added that his country's army s...


Failure of pro-Kurdish HDP to enter Parliament could spell trouble

They [PKK] will take advantage of the situation to build a canton system, arguing that the political system has lost its legitimacy for them,” İbrahim Güçlü, a Kurdish intellectual who does not subscribe to the PKK's ideology, to...


Iraq Army kills dozens of ISIL in Salahuddin

Iraq’s Defense Ministry said the terrorists were killed in separate operations in the cities of Tikrit in Salahuddin, north of Baghdad, and Anbar’s provincial capital of Ramadi.
On Saturday, troops, armored vehicles, and a rocket launc...


ISIL terrorists behead 8 Syrian soldiers in Hama

The video, released by the Takfiri militants on Sunday, shows ISIL terrorists executing the Alawite soldiers, wearing orange jumpsuits, for “being Shia Muslims.”
The footage could not be independently verified.
ISIL has so far rel...


Kurdistan: historical perspectives and contemporary travels

Against the background of the long and complicated history of the Kurds, Sir Terence Clark, a former British Ambassador to Iraq, will describe the different paths the Kurdish communities in Turkey,...

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Interview with christian students from Kurdistan

On Sunday, February the 22nd a film crew which prepares the documentary "N as the Nazarenes," about the life of Christians in the Middle East, led by the director Maciej Grabysa, filmed  inter...

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Report: Hezbollah to send forces to fight alongside Iraq in Mosul, against ISIS

Hezbollah will send 800 men to fight alongside Iraqi forces against Islamic State for the control of Mosul, the London based al-Arabi al-Jadeed newspaper reported Sunday.

According to so...

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